The sins of Tom Brady: The Boston Globe wants you to know he’s deplorable

Jeffrey T. Kuhner

The liberal media owes Tom Brady an apology. For nearly the past year, the New England Patriots star quarterback has been relentlessly criticized by left-wing journalists and sports talk-radio hosts, especially in Boston.

Brady’s alleged crime: He supports President Trump. That’s right. Brady, for simply expressing his backing for the man who won the election — and who is also a close personal friend — has earned the opprobrium of the politically correct Left.

Leading the pack is the Boston Globe.
A recent article titled, “All the President’s Men — Kraft, Belichick and Brady,” summed up the liberal indictment: Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, their coach, Bill Belichick, and Brady should be ashamed for having cast their votes for Trump.

Why? Because Trump is allegedly a racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic and homophobic bigot. Others, such as the popular sports talk-show, “Felger & Mazz,” have condemned Brady because he refuses to “own up” his support for Trump. They argue that the Pats QB owes it to the public to discuss the reasons for his support of Trump, and that his refusal to do so during numerous press conferences is “cowardly” and craven.

Only in Massachusetts could a quarterback who happened to vote for the Republican winner in the presidential election be labelled a political extremist.

It’s no coincidence the Globe ran an early edition fake headline that the Pats lost in the Super Bowl. Consumed by their hatred for Trump and by extension Brady, the moonbats at the Globe couldn’t even wait for the Atlanta Falcons to have actually won before gloating over the Pats’ supposed demise. READ MORE

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