Clinton Ohlers

R. Clinton Ohlers, PhD is a contributing editor for the FreePressMediaGroup. Previously, he held the position of Research Assistant Professor in the Humanities at the University of Hong Kong.

His book, The Birth of the Conflict Between Science and Religion, is scheduled to appear in 2021. Clinton earned his PhD from the University if Pennsylvania in History. He specializes in Intellectual History, History of Science, and Science & Religion. At the University of Hong Kong, he worked with Faith and Global Engagement and the Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum. 

Prior to that he was a Research Fellow with the Templeton Funded Creation Project at the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding.

Since 2009, he has served as Senior Producer of Leaders Portfolio, a Washington DC based radio show and podcast. He also serves as a Director on the board of the International Human Development Corporation.

To paraphrase the words of Paul Johnson, “When the wellsprings of truth are poisoned, whether to the Left of to the Right, the results are equally disastrous." A free press, like free universities, are the wells of truth upon which a free civilization draws. To be disciplined by the truth without regard to self-interest is paramount.