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The 2021 Information War blitz imposed one view of reality on all. It didn’t work.

Millions had already stopped listening to the Big Tech Media. But all still share a strange Orwellian cultural sphere.

Until now, there has been little that most American patriots and their families could do to fight pervasive propaganda. Their voices were stifled on campuses, in corporations, and across most mass media platforms.

Now, many have broken their silence and more are speaking out. The Free Press Foundation is proud to support all these independent media voices and the . . .

Endowment For Press Freedom


Modeled off of Harvard University’s Harvard Endowment and managed by experienced traders and investment fund managers, the Endowment for Press Freedom does not spend your donation. It grows it.

Then it deploys the growth:

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The Left is doing everything it can to extinguish original values, authentic voices, and God-given individual freedoms.

Even once credible news outlets have been attacked, throttled, or canceled altogether. What’s worse, some have sold out in fear and self-interest.

All this has been accomplished with the assistance of corrupt media.

Members Will Reclaim ‘Reality’

Help us reach an early goal of $7 million that will sustain the alternative media surge in this information war — by funding:

  • Journalism committed to the principles of the U. S. Constitution,
  • The training of a young generation of new journalists, and
  • Critically important legal and cyber defense.
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Let the American Counter-Revolution begin!


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