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The entire independent press is being demonetized and cancelled by Big Tech and corrupted three-letter agencies. The Free Press Foundation leadership saw this coming and with it the need for a parallel economy. The Endowment for Press Freedom, once launched, will become a major force opposing cancel culture and helping support independent media operations.

The graph below shows what only $3 million in investment would have returned since January 1, 2022, base off of actual portfolio management.

Please help the Endowment for Press Freedom ensure the truth survives into the next generation.  

Endowment Performance

Returns to Date*
+ 17.46%


During the same period, the S&P 500 is down -7.70%

*The performance above represents performance of a hypothetical endowment based off of the real market returns of the endowment’s Chief Strategy Consultant, recorded on a per-trade basis, since January 1, 2022.